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1 Chrome Extension To Help You Avoid Drowning in Sales Docs

Written By @RajenSanghvi

· Tool Tuesday,Sales Tools,Sales Hacking

Today’s featured tool is called BlackMenu. It's a simple Chrome Extension that takes your most commonly used Google apps and documents, and makes them available to you with just 1 click. While this tool isn't necessarily sales specific, and can be used by anyone that is using Google Apps, I find it particularly useful for B2B salespeople that find themselves creating and sorting through tonnes of sales collateral.

This Week's Tool: BlackMenu for Google 

What does it do: BlackMenu puts all the best of Google in one elegant Chrome Extension. It consolidates all of your Google apps with shortcuts so you can now launch a new app or document, quickly access any files you have on your drive, and even toggle between accounts with ease.
Cost: Free! Yes, it's totally free. The creator Carlos Jeurissen not only builds the product on donations, but is constantly pushing updates to keep it up to date.

2 Ways BlackMenu Saves Me Time

1. Accessing My Google Docs Faster

As a salesperson and entrepreneur, I spend a lot of time in Google Docs accessing files I've created previously. Whether it's a piece of marketing collateral or a sales proposal, it can get pretty tedious to find and access all the files I need manually throughout the day. Before I started using BlackMenu, I'd end up keeping a Chrome Tab open of my Google Drive, then searching for the file, then waiting for it to load, and then accessing it. Now with BlackMenu, I save a ton of time just clicking the on the icon on my Chrome taskbar. The search function actually works surprisingly fast as well.

2. Maintaining Focus by Using Google Apps without Opening New Tabs

Using BlackMenu, I'm able to access and use my most frequently used Google Apps without opening up new Chrome Tabs. This may sound trivial, but it's actually a matter of focus as BlackMenu helps me save me from myself. I hate having a bunch of Chrome Tabs sitting open, especially since it's easy to for me to go off on a tangent from 1 YouTube video to the next. BlackMenu also lets you customize which apps you'd like to see displayed on your toolbar along with the order.

Above: An Example of How I'm Using GoogleMaps Without Opening a New Tab

Above: An Example of How I'm Accessing & Watching a YouTube Video Without Opening a New Tab

Modern sellers use technology to increase their productivity and focus their attention on meaningful sales activities, and that's exactly where BlackMenu helps. If you're looking to learn more about the product, you can check out the website here. Or, if you want to go ahead and start using BlackMenu, you can download and install the Extension via the Chrome Store here. Do you have another Chrome Extension or App that could help modern sales professionals? Drop me a line at or leave me a comment below. I'd love to hear from you.

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