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3 of the Best Sessions You Missed at the 2017 SaaStr Annual [with slides]

Written By @RajenSanghvi

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The 2017 SaaStr Annual did a fantastic job of bringing together the industry's most accomplished operators and experienced thought leaders; each delivering valuable content from their own lessons learned in building and scaling startups. In case you missed it, I thought I'd share three of my favourite sessions for B2B SaaS founders on startup strategy, funnel design and metrics, and sales execution.

1. STARTUP STRATEGY: State of the Cloud 2017 by Byron Deeter & Kristina Shen

byron deeter, saastr annual, cloud

2. FUNNEL DESIGN & METRICS: 12 Key Levers of SaaS Success by David Skok​

david skok, saastr annual, funnel metrics


3. SALES EXECUTION: Sales Mistakes that Can Kill Your SaaS Business and How to Avoid Them by Mark Roberge & Michele Law

mark roberge, saastr annual, sales mistakes

4. Bonus: My Startup Rules by Josh James

josh james, saastr annual

During Josh James' keynote with Jason Lemkin, they discussed his "Startup Rules" which he has posted on his website. While each entrepreneur will have a different set of rules, principles and value system towards running their business, I liked how Josh has his codified. He has 56 in total that you can view here: Josh James' Startup Rules. As you can tell from the picture above, he definitely has a sales above all else mentality.

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