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3 Reasons to Use Drift to Sell Like a Human

Written By @RajenSanghvi

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Happy new year folks! Today’s featured tool is Drift. It's one that I'm particularly excited to write about because I really enjoy using it. In fact, you've probably seen it pop up when you arrived at the homepage. Drift is a messaging app that's built specifically for sales and customer success teams. While you can visit their website to learn about how Drift helps teams, my focus today is going to be on the individual seller. Drift gives you an opportunity to get one step closer to your clients (even if your company already has another Live Chat app).

This Week's Tool: Drift

What does it do: Drift is a messaging app. It takes traditional live chat functionality and puts it on steroids to help you connect with your prospects faster. For this post, I'm going to stick to the value you get under the Free plan: Live-Chat, Profiles, Email Fall Back and the Mobile App.
Cost: Free! Yes, it's not just a trial - the "Business Plan" really is free and provides a lot of value. There is also a paid Enterprise tier.

3 Reasons to Use Drift to Sell Like a Human

Before I proceed, the pre-requisite here is that as a modern salesperson, you care about your online reputation and have a personal website. It doesn't need to be fancy; it can be a simple landing page that summarises who you are and how you help your clients, but you will need to have a website of your own to use Drift on.

1. BYOL (Bring Your Own Leads) to Work

It's 2017 and so I can guarantee that your prospects are doing their research on you (the same way that I HOPE you're doing your research on them). This goes beyond your company and your product; it's about YOU the individual. Buyers want to know more about who their buying from as well and developing that trust absolutely matters. Since you've taken the first step in making yourself more human by creating a personal site, why not go the extra mile and invite them to interact with you? If a prospect stumbles across your website, put yourself in a position to take advantage of the opportunity. Whether it's a random Wednesday night or Sunday afternoon, let Drift help you start a conversation and get that lead. You obviously can't do this with your LinkedIn profile, but you can with Drift, especially since they have a mobile messaging app too. Convert that lead on your personal site, store the contact info and bring it into work the next day!

2. Get a Digital Business Card with Solid SEO

Drift Profiles is an awesome feature that reminds me of About.Me (but way better). It's a digital business card (with its own custom website link) that allows you to display your contact information, social profiles, and include links to get in touch with you immediately i.e. live chat or telephone call. I've only been using Drift for about two months, but I've been pleasantly surprised by the SEO on it. In a really short period of time, I've seen my Drift Profile Page, elevate onto the first page of Google when I search my own name: "Rajen Sanghvi". Think about that for a second: when your prospects Google you (because they will), why not show them the best, most human version of you with an easy way for them to get in touch?

3. Takes Minutes to Setup (No Technical Skills Required)

Setting up Drift is dead simple. I literally had it up and running on within 10 minutes, and that includes some time for me to link up integrations to both Hubspot and Slack. As someone who's not technical and often needs to ask for dev help, it was really satisfying to get set up all on my own and so quickly. While I didn't need to talk to customer support during setup, I've exchanged a bunch of messages with their team since then and they are fantastic (just in case you need it, which I'm sure you won't!).

While Drift has a lot more functionality, you can read up on that by visiting their website. My goal here was to introduce you to just a couple of the benefits to the individual seller. The Drift Business Plan is free, easy to setup and can help you with lead gen. There's really no reason not to take a few minutes and get it on to your site! If you do, let me know how things go and leave me a comment below. Thanks!

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