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3 Reasons to Use MixMax for Sales Productivity & Email Outreach

Written By @RajenSanghvi

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Today’s featured tool is MixMax, a simple Chrome Extension for Gmail which describes itself as a productivity suite for sales reps; I think this is a solid description and hence why I'm writing this post. Those of you familiar with this space or have explored the different available options, will know that there are a number of competing tools to manage email outreach and outbound sales activities (e.g. SalesLoft, YesWare, ToutApp, Outreach, PersistIQ, ReplyApp etc). It can be tough to navigate all these tools, especially since they all have their unique differences. This post aims to cut through the noise, and give you a few reasons to consider using MixMax; especially if you're an early stage company. In case you're totally new to outreach platforms, I've also provided a few of the most common ways on how it helps you sell as well further below.

This Week's Tuesday Sales Tool: MixMax

What does it do: MixMax helps you track, automate and enhance emails. It has powerful functionality to help with email/document tracking, scheduling prospect meetings, and automating outbound emails through templates/mail merge.
Cost: There is a FREE plan (albeit with some usage caps), but paid options that range from $9 - $65/user/month depending on your needs.

Top 3 Reasons to Give MixMax a Try

1. Value For Money: The Best Price Point and ROI against Functionality

The free plan works great when you're just starting out, but even the paid options are relatively affordable given the amount of functionality. In fact, the paid options also seem to be structured to scale with you as you grow (i.e. starting with just $9 /user/month). If you're an early stage company wondering what you should budget, I'd expect the Pro plan at $24/user/month to give you pretty much everything you'll need.   They also offer monthly billing on all of their plans (yes, even their plans that include mail merge functionality), something that I've seen a few vendors move away from. Most importantly however, is the continued innovation and support I've seen from the MixMax team. While every startup claims to add more functionality to their platform, I've seen a noticeable increase in their development velocity. It seems as though I get an email every 2 weeks letting me know of some new integration or feature they've added. I'd make this a real consideration when looking at platforms.

2. Modern Sales Features: Add Personality To Emails & Differentiate

This is an area that may initially get overlooked, but MixMax has a number of features to really help modern sellers differentiate themselves. Here are a few of my personal favourites:

  • Making You More Human: Being able to add your twitter feed, funny gifs from Giphy, or Emoji's to add some personality to your emails. 
  • Making Sales Assets Interactive: Being able to see visual previews for attachments, adding in PDF slideshows, and creating polls, surveys and call-to-action buttons (especially useful for customer success) all within your email.
  • Making You More Productive: Instead of downloading a separate plugin to create keyboard shortcuts, they have all of this built right into the platform along with slash commands for real Sales Hackers. 

3. Mobile: It Really Does Look Good on a Phone

MixMax really has been developed with a mindset of mobile first. While I admittedly haven't tried every single feature, whatever I've used seems to look pretty awesome on a mobile device. When you're in the middle of a sales cycle, hoping to get a prospect to review and respond to a proposal, having something interactive that actually looks good on an iPhone is a powerful advantage. Here's a simple screenshot from my Inbox app on iPhone of a poll that I've done using MixMax:

How Does It Help me Sell?

Much has been written on the value of having a structured approach to outbound sales, and using automation tools to help drive greater sales activity to boost bottom line results. Without writing an entire post on all the features and benefits, I've picked the 3 most common ones for Sales Reps and included them below.

1. Email Tracking

...So you can track who's opening up your emails when and how often. This should light the spark for you to pick up the phone and give your prospects a ring at just the right time.

MixMax Email Tracking

2. Scheduling Prospect Meetings

Scheduling meetings can be a pain going back and forth with your clients. Using MixMax, it's easy to show your calendar availability and give your prospects the option to select a slot for a meeting in 1 click.

3. Creating Email Templates, Scheduling Outreach & Analyzing Results

There is quite a bit of functionality in this area, way beyond anything you'll need in the early days. Create and save email templates, upload contact lists through .csv imports for mail-merge/large volume outreach, and track the effectiveness of the results through an analytics dashboard. In case you're wondering, there is also a pretty simple CRM integration as well.

MixMax Mail Merge Analytics

I hope that gives you a bit of insight into how you can use MixMax to boost your sales productivity and email outreach. I'd love to get your feedback if you end up trying it out! Or if you have any questions on what to do after you've downloaded and installed the app, I'm happy to help! Thanks.  

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