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3 Ways To Use Owler for Sales Research & Competitive Intelligence

Written By @RajenSanghvi

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Today’s featured tool is called Owler. It's an easy to use web app that helps salespeople get insights and trigger events on their target accounts. Owler's data brings information like funding history, company news, and competitive insights all into one place. As a modern seller, it's important to stay informed and monitor what's happening at your key accounts, and Owler helps you do just that.

This Week's Tool: Owler

What does it do: Owler gives modern salespeople intelligence on their accounts. Through it's crowdsourced dataset, it has information on public companies as well as private companies and brings all of this information into daily snapshots to help you keep tabs on your target accounts and their competitors. This includes everything from the usual firmographic data and social media statistics, but also news, alerts and screengrabs of the website history.
Cost: Free! Yes it's totally free, so head over and sign up today.

3 Ways To Use Owler for Sales Research & Competitive Intelligence

1. Staying Informed on The Competitive Landscape

When you sign up, Owler will ask you where you work. Based on that information, it'll pull together a list of potential competitors and ask you to confirm the ones you want to track. From there you will get key insights delivered to your inbox via "Weekly Showdowns," comparing your company against your competition. While this includes all sorts of data like company revenues and social statistics, it includes additional information like leadership changes and emerging hot competitors. For a seller, this is particularly useful because it's important to know what your competitive landscape looks like today and also how the market is trending into the future.

2. Monitoring Company Alerts and Triggers for Prospecting

As a Sales Development Representative, it's important to stay on top of key trigger events taking place at your target accounts. All you have to do is Follow the companies you want alerts on, and Owler will deliver information like funding news, acquisitions, or leadership changes, straight to your inbox. What was particularly useful was an email I received regarding a competitor to a target account of mine. It read: "Since you're following CompanyABC, CompanyXYZ's Funding Round Might Interest You." It's tough for SDRs to keep tabs on ALL of their target accounts and THEIR competitors. With Owler, SDRs can save time, and use this information to add additional relevance and context to their prospecting efforts.

3. Identifying Talking Points To Help Build Rapport

I've written about the importance of preparing for meetings and building rapport here. There are a few sections within Owler that can really help, especially if you're strapped for time:

  • Company News - Instead of having to set up individual Google Alerts or search through the company website, Owler provides short summaries of blog posts and press mentions in this section. Taking a quick glance here will help you find the best articles to spend a bit of time reading to gather unique talking points to weave into your conversation.
  • Employee History - Owler provides a graphical snapshot of the employee growth over time. The key insight here isn't necessarily the exact number of employees they have now, but being able to spot a change you can speak to. For example here's a question you may want to ask based on the chart below: "In my research, I noticed your company has doubled in employees over the last you mind me asking how this has impacted your department?"
  • Website History - Owler provides screenshots of how the website homepage has changed over time, which can be very telling of how the company itself is evolving. The key insight here isn't necessarily the exact design of the home page, but being able to spot changes in how the company is positioning itself and weaving that into your conversation. For example here's a great example of how Stripe has evolved over time below. 

Remember that a lot of the information on Owler is crowdsourced, so you may come across records that aren't fully populated or information that isn't completely accurate. As a result, don't use it as the ultimate source of truth and fact check if you need to! I use Owler for more qualitatively and it definitely works great for my needs. If you're using Owler for sales, I'd love to get your feedback on how it's helped you! Just leave a comment below or shoot me an email at

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