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4 Ways Pluck Helps With Social Prospecting & Lead Gen

Written By @RajenSanghvi

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Today’s featured tool is Pluck, a brand new web app that was just released a few months ago to help with social selling (or more specifically, social prospecting). Pluck helps you find and download email addresses of prospects tweeting about topics relevant to you. As I see Twitter usage continue to increase at conferences and trade shows, Pluck helps salespeople get straight to the information they need: the email addresses of the prospects they want to sell to, and relevant tweets that they can use to personalize email outreach. P.S. Scroll to the bottom of this post to get 100 free credits to try Pluck! 

This Week's Tool: Pluck

What does it do: Pluck allows you to search for specific topics on Twitter, and builds a feed with a list of prospects for you to review. From there, simply select which individuals you actually care about prospecting to, remove the ones you don't, and then download a list of email addresses for your outreach. In short, you can turn Twitter handles into E-mail addresses!
Cost: You can try out Pluck for free (which will give you 5 email addresses). From there, the paid plan starts at $99 / month which will get you up to 100 emails per month, and there are higher tiers as well.

4 Ways Pluck Helps With Social Prospecting

While the product is in its early days, there are already a few different use cases for Pluck to help with sales.

1. Pre-Conference Prospecting

There's often activity on Twitter before the start of a conference; people tweeting about their excitement, getting on a plane, or speaking at the event etc. While it's become common practice for sales people to monitor these conversations and attempt to engage with prospects directly on Twitter, Pluck helps you go one step further and reach out to them directly via email. This can be useful in targeting those individuals with a large Twitter following (where your Twitter messages may get drowned out in all the activity), and also those individuals who aren't following you back (because you won't be able to Direct Message them). Here's an example of a prospect that comes up from a feed I set up for the upcoming SaaS North conference using the hashtag: #SaaSNorth.

Pluck for Social Prospcting

2. Post-Conference (and Virtual) Prospecting

A quick search on the conference hashtag at the end of an event can yield hundreds of thousands of tweets; many often from the same individuals. Pluck allows you to filter down and build a master prospect list from the event complete with their email addresses. I think this can be a great way for early stage companies to hack conferences virtually. Let's say you're a small team and don't have time to attend the conference or don't have the budget to pay for the attendee list, now you can just use Pluck to develop your own list. While it may not be 100% complete, you'll still develop a great list of prospects. Here's a quick view from my dashboard; I have 1000+ prospects from a few upcoming conference feeds I've set up.

Pluck for Social Prospecting

3. Competitive Prospecting

Since you can create feeds for any topic on Pluck, consider creating ones specifically referencing your competitors. When someone mentions your competitor on Twitter, Pluck will capture that in your feed; you can then pick and choose the individuals you want to obtain email addresses for. Also, since the Pluck feeds refresh everyday, you now have an easy and automated way of building competitive prospecting lists to competitive sales campaigns off of. Let's say you sell help desk software, I created a quick feed for "Zendesk". Here's a sample prospect:

4. Outreach Personalization

This one is likely most beneficial to SDRs as a way of differentiating themselves. Being able to quickly filter and reference tweets by your, prospect can add an additional layer of personalization to your outreach cadence. There's a lot of talk of personalizing subject lines, but how do you do this at scale? Check out the example below using Pluck.

Pluck for Social Prospecting

Curious to try Pluck? Head over to their website using this link. It will give you an additional 100 credits to use for free! Once you do though, I'd love to hear your experience and what type of results end up seeing based on your usage. Cheers.

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