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7 Best Free Training Resources for Modern Sales Professionals

Written By @RajenSanghvi

· Sales training,Sales Enablement,Sales Builder

“Just focus on continuous improvement, just a little bit everyday.”

How many times have you heard a leadership coach, a fitness trainer, or your VP of Sales say that?

This is sound advice, but where do you start? Where can you find sales enablement to learn skills that are actually built for today’s SaaS sales world? You can wait for your employer to invest in some training, but that’s going to put you in the same league as your colleagues. Not good enough.

You’re probably reading some of the many blogs that are being written on the subject and shared everyday. That’s a reactive approach and from my experience, there’s only so much you can do from reading a blogpost over your morning coffee. If you want to be a better seller, there needs to be a true sense of intentionality towards improving. This starts with making a real commitment, to investing the time in growing your arsenal of sales knowledge and sales skills.

I’ve compiled a list of sales enablement resources to really help you take control of your skillset in becoming better Sales Builders and Sales Hackers. Many of these also have certifications, so it will help add some additional credibility to your LinkedIn profile as well. Enjoy learning and happy selling!

Sales Training, Sales Hacker, Sales Building

This course provides a great overview of Hubspot’s sales process from start to finish. It provides tactical advice on topics like identifying buyer journeys, drafting follow up emails, conducting qualification calls, developing effective presentations and proposals, and even covers how to effectively guide a buyer to purchase.

Sales Hacker, Sales Builder, Sales Training

John Barrows’s resource library is an impressive collection of sales enablement for the modern sales professional. While there’s no certification per se, I’d recommend picking 1 video to watch per week (a lot of them are super short 2-3 minutes long) and incorporating the tactics into your sales workflow. This is sales productivity hacking at its finest.

Sales Training, Sales Hacker, Sales Building

Modern salespeople need to be mini-marketers, and this course will give you skills you can use to differentiate yourself as a seller. It covers the basics of SEO and blogging, and while providing an overview of the overall Inbound Marketing methodology inclusive of landing pages, lead nurturing and reporting.

Sales Hacker, Sales Builder, Sales Training

You might be wondering, why is Google Analytics being included in a list of Sales Enablement resources? Isn’t it just a marketing tool to view traffic to the website? Well yes, but it’s also more than that. With the rise of Account Based Sales Development and Account Based Marketing, there is a need for greater alignment between Sales & Marketing. Give yourself a leg up as a modern sales leader and start learning some of the fundamental tools and language of marketing. By the way, there are two components to the certification: the Google Digital Analytics Fundamentals course and the Google Analytics Platform Principles course. If you don't care for the certification, the Digital Analytics Fundamentals is really all you need.

Sales Hacker, Sales Builder, Sales Training

By now, you’ve probably come across enough articles discussing why it’s important to have personalized emails when conducting sales outreach. But do you know what you’re competing against when it comes to your customers attention in her inbox? This course will give you some insight into how the marketing world is targeting your customers and designing emails to drive open rates.

Sales Hacker, Sales Builder, Sales Training

This is a giant collection of modules, to help train individuals on SalesForce specific topics. This includes everything from becoming a SalesForce admin, to customizing dashboards and building apps on their platform. In addition though, there are a few trails (i.e. groups of training modules) catered specifically to non-technical salespeople to help prepare for sales leadership. Here are a few trails that I’d recommend:

Both of these courses are great for startup founders and individual sales contributors, looking to make the transition from doers to managers.

Is SalesForce running you or are you running SalesForce? The best sales reps know their way around their CRM and even if you’ve been using the platform for 5+ years in a sales capacity, I’d highly recommend this course. It’ll help you learn a few new tricks and ways you might be able to use and access your data to find and close more deals.

While this course is based off a SalesHacker conference from 2014, a lot of the content is still applicable today. The material is delivered in presentation format from the industry’s most well known sales leaders (Aaron Ross, Mark Roberge, Jason Lemkin, etc), and is worth going through to see what you can implement into your sales arsenal. This is particularly useful for startup founders and those working in sales roles at early stage companies.

Please let me know if there's anything I've missed off of this list and I'll be sure to add it!

P.S. I've intentionally left off any podcasts or popular sales bogs off of this list, because I'll be doing a separate post on that.

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