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Build A Repeatable Sales Interview Process With This Free Template

Written By @RajenSanghvi

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Building a repeatable process for interviewing candidates can be tough, especially if you're first hires were from your immediate network. However, in order to scale your business, you will need repeatability. You will need to know what attributes constitute a successful sales hire, and the criteria for evaluating these attributes as you begin interviewing candidates. While there are lots of blog posts and podcasts on what to look for in a sales hire, what will end up working for you, will be unique to you. Sure you can draw inspiration from others that have paved the way for you, but I wouldn't recommend blindly using someone else's formula; especially on something as critical as a sales hire.

“The ideal sales hiring formula is different for every company, but the process to engineer the formula is the same.”​ - Mark Roberge, Sales Acceleration Formula

In the early days, it's difficult to find the time to create a structured data-driven approach for hiring sales people. It's only when you're further along that you'll wish you could look back at the data and see what worked for you before. That's why recently, after re-reading The Sales Acceleration Formula, I decided to create a more generic Candidate Assessment Template based on Mark Roberge's original process (as opposed to the final results that he scaled HubSpot on). This way, startups can start with a data-driven approach earlier on in their journey and then also A/B test different interview techniques and questions.

The template I've created is free and ungated, so please feel free to copy it and do whatever you like with it. It has been modelled after the one described in The Sales Acceleration Formula, but modified based on my personal experience and fields I find useful when interviewing sales candidates. The template in its current form is not specific to interviewing SDRs or AEs, and so it should be adapted to each role you are hiring for. Also, please use this template as a framework, rather than the "best questions to hire sales people". Good luck!

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