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How to Add Video to Your Sales Stack and Close Deals with ViewedIt

Written By @RajenSanghvi

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Today’s featured tool is ViewedIt, a simple Chrome extension to help add video to your sales workflow. Many of you may be using email tracking software or outreach software that has built in email tracking (e.g. Yesware, SideKick, ToutApp, MixMax, SalesLoft etc), and so you can think of ViewedIt as being the video version of that. Take a video in 1 click, drop it into an email, and then track how your prospects engage with it.

This Week's Tool: ViewedIt by Vidyard

What does it do: ViewedIt enables you to create a video by recording your browser window (or entire screen), and then send it to prospects via email, and then track the performance of that video with an activity feed.
Cost: Completely FREE! While I could see the ViewedIt folks releasing new paid features in the future, it is totally FREE to create, share and track videos.

How Does It Help me Sell?

There are multiple use cases for ViewedIt to help in the sales process. I've broken them down below by each type of role.

  • Sales Development Representatives for Social Selling - Getting prospect meetings are difficult. Even though your marketing team arms you with awesome sales collateral, sometimes it's just not specific enough to get your prospects on the phone. As you monitor their activity on Twitter and LinkedIn and learn what's on their mind, why not create a short, hyper relevant video to weave into your Social Selling strategy. Think of it as a just-in-time video that's uniquely targeted to something they recently mentioned.
  • Account Executives for Value Selling - There are many use cases here for an AE, but the one that stands out for me is the Proposal Stage. Once your prospect has requested a proposal, I hate having to draft up a generic PDF and lob it over via email. Instead, I prefer scheduling 15 minutes to walk them through the proposal together and engage in a discussion focussing in on the value of the product/service. The challenge here however, is that typically, not all stakeholders on the prospect side make time for this meeting and it's usually just the AE and prospect Champion. Now with Viewed It, AEs can create a short video recording summarizing the proposal conversation with the Champion, and send it to the prospect alongside the proposal PDF. Using ViewedIt, you can now help your champion sell internally in a more interactive manner and also track to see the activity within the account.   
  • Sales Engineering for Product Demonstrations - Whether your product requires a Sales Engineer or it's simple enough for the Account Executive to run the product demo, being able to share video clips with prospects is a no brainer. Depending on your prospect, the Sales Engineer may choose to share a long form demo (i.e. 20-30 minutes), or pick 2-3 highlights that were most important during the call and share short form demo clips. In my experience, Sales Engineer Calendars book up quickly and multiple demos can lengthen a sales cycle, so why not send mini-videos to help push the deal ahead virtually. 
  • Customer Success for Training and Upsells - Training videos are pretty common in the Customer Success world. What I do think is unique here, is when a Customer Success Manager can use ViewedIt to track the activity of a particular video within an account. Perhaps you sent a video clip to your Customer via ViewedIt 3 months ago when they signed on, and it's being viewed again now and you're seeing lots of activity. Is this being shared to someone new that may be interested in learning more or getting additional training? Is it possible that there is a new user within the account that is getting exposure to your platform? The video tracking ability can be a big help to Customer Success Managers to understand user adoption and new revenue opportunity.             

How Do I get started in using ViewedIt?

  1. Go to
  2. Install the Chrome Extension
  3. Here is a sample video that I created just to show you how easy it is! 
How to Download ViewedIt

4. Go create your first video!

P.S. If you're still a little confused on how to use it, check out the short video below on how to create your first video (which was created by the creators of ViewedIt).

ViewedIt for Sales Hacking

Why You Should Add ViewedIt to Your Sales Stack

1. Sales Differentiation - There is a lot of talk these days about personalization in email. Sales reps that take the time to really understand their prospects and personalize their emails are differentiating themselves in the market. I believe that video is the next step here. Now sales organizations, can take personalization one step further by creating custom video content catered to a specific account (or even individual).

2. Sales Intelligence - Knowing when my prospects read or open my emails has become a huge asset for me. Now if I can see how and when they are interacting with specific videos I'm sharing, I can learn what's most important to them. Here's how ViewedIt describes the features themselves:

ViewedIt Feed notifications: Notifications you receive in the ViewedIt app that tell you how many people are watching your videos, highlight known viewers and show you overall engagement trends with your video.

Email notifications: Notifications you receive via email when known viewers watch your video. These notifications provide more detail about how long known viewers stayed tuned in, what they re-watched and skipped.

3. Enable Your Customers to Sell on Your Behalf - B2B sales requires convincing multiple people on the prospect side to buy into your product/service. While I believe it's important to work a deal directly with the decision maker, I'm a big proponent of helping your Champion do as much of the convincing aspect of the sales process as possible. With ViewedIt, sales people are armed with a simple (and Free) tool, to help make it easier for your Champion to share relevant content in a uniquely interactive manner that helps build the case for your product/service. In doing so, the salesperson's job is less about convincing a buyer to choose your product, and more about guiding the buyer through the acquisition process.

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