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How to Boost Lead Gen & Lead Research with Clearbit Sheets

Written By @RajenSanghvi

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Today’s featured tool is Clearbit Sheets, a simple web app to help with lead generation and lead research. I’ve used lots of tools in this space over the last few years, but this one is different. It’s more than a single tool and offers a lot of value all from right within Google Sheets. Let’s break it down:

This Week's Tool: Clearbit Sheets

What does it do: Clearbit Sheets enables you to automate lead generation and lead research right from within Google Sheets. It uses a simple Google Sheets Add-On that takes literally seconds to install.

Cost: Free plan allows up to a small number of results per month for each of the 3 components (i.e. 50 Accounts, 50 contacts, and 20 leads) of the platform. Clearbit then charges based on the number of results you’d like going forward and scales based on your requirements. If you’re like me, you’ll probably blow through the free plan pretty quickly and need to upgrade, but I think that’s exactly the idea. There’s real value to this software, the user experience and the quality of the results offered, so I’m not surprised. The free plan is only there to get you addicted.

How does it help me sell: Lead Generation, Lead Research, and Contact Enrichment.

How Do I Use Clearbit Sheets for Lead Generation and Lead Research?

Clearbit Sheets breaks down the 3 components of their platform into 3 different tabs within a single Google Sheet. It's all done in an intuitive way that fits right into the lead gen workflow of a typical SDR, AE or Growth Marketer.

1. Use Discovery to find Companies - This helps you search for companies using specific criteria and build lead lists that map to your customer profile. There are 30+ criteria to choose from.

Image sourced from the Clearbit Sheets website homepage

2. Use Prospect to find Contacts - This helps you find specific contacts associated with the companies you’ve discovered above. The results include contact name, title, and email address along with a rating. You can even find contact details by searching for a specific title or name as well.

Image sourced from the Clearbit Sheets website homepage

3. Use Enrich to find more data on the Leads - This helps you to take the contacts listed above and enrich them with additional data such as firmographic data, social profiles, alexa ranking and more.

Image sourced from the Clearbit Sheets website homepage

Verdict: Clearbit Sheets is a must have in your Sales Stack. Here's why:

1. Speed, Usability and Experience: The Clearbit experience really is unparalleled. The time to value from installing the Sheets add-on to getting lead results, is literally less than 5 minutes. While their website talks of API results and integrations, don’t be fooled. This product requires no technical expertise, and anyone with basic spreadsheet experience can be a Clearbit expert in less than a few hours. Also, there’s just something awesome about hitting the Blue “Search for People” button, and watching your spreadsheet of companies get populated with a lead list of contacts in real time.

2. Pre-Built Integrations: In an effort to truly enable a fully integrated Sales Stack, Clearbit has direct integrations with SalesForce, Marketo, Slack,, and Now if your product of choice doesn’t happen to be listed amongst the previous 5, they have also a Zapier integration to help build connection to another 500+ Zapier integrated apps.

3. Consolidates the Basic Sales Stack: There are lots of point solutions to help with each stage of the lead generation and lead research process. Instead of using one tool to find companies, a second tool to find contact information, and a third tool or virtual assistant to enrich the data, Clearbit provides a single solution to do all of the above. More importantly, it actually does a really good job of each stage of the process as well. At the same time, if you’ve built yourself a lead list from LinkedIn or purchased a contact list from somewhere else, you can still drop it into the Clearbit Sheets to get additional data.

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