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How to Fix Grammar Mistakes & Write Better Sales Emails

Written By @RajenSanghvi

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Today’s featured tool is called Grammarly. It's a simple Browser Extension that helps you avoid making spelling and grammatical errors in all of your written communication. I have a lot of respect for salespeople that take the time to proofread their emails. It shows their attention to detail and sense of professionalism. Unfortunately, this is pretty uncommon in the industry and has really turned into a pet-peeve of mine. Relying solely on Gmail to catch your mistakes is a bad idea. That's where Grammarly helps and why I think sales reps should be using it.

This Week's Tool: Grammarly

What does it do: By finding and correcting grammatical mistakes, Grammarly helps sales people write more professional emails. It has browser support across Chrome, FireFox and Safari and even has a native desktop app for OS X and Windows.
Cost: Free! The desktop app and browser extensions both have completely free plans providing support for up to 150 critical grammar and spelling checks. I find this sufficient for my needs, but there is a paid version in case you really need the help (more details on that here).

Grammarly Logo

2 Reasons Why Salespeople Should Use Grammarly

1. Stop Sending Emails That Make You Look Stupid

The best way to explain this is by illustration. I've drafted up two emails below: the first one is using basic Gmail relying solely on it's own built in spell/grammar check (i.e. without Grammarly), and the second one is using Gmail but concurrently with the Grammarly Chrome extension. Can you spot the mistake?

Email 1: Without The Use of Grammarly

Email with grammatical error

Email 2: With the use of Grammarly

Grammarly check on Gmail

How Grammarly Helps You Correct Your Mistake and Learn

Grammarly Desktop Application

When you're working on a number of follow up emails trying to get to inbox zero, it can be difficult to balance the quality of your emails against the quantity. Through the above example, I hope that I've convinced you on how Grammarly can help you save time and also improve the quality of your emails. 

My Mom used to be an English teacher, and so I have a genuine interest in learning how to be better and improving my command of the English language. So, if you're anything like me, then sometimes getting the final answer isn't good enough. You may want to dig deeper and know the WHY behind it. The one click explanation is really helpful here in explaining your mistake in further detail.

2. Works Everywhere You're Selling Socially

There's nothing worse than commenting on a prospect's blog post or sharing an update and having mistakes in it. Since Grammarly is supported across most major social media platforms (i.e. Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Facebook etc), you'll be in good shape as you look to engage socially with your prospects. I also really like how seamless it is in working with these platforms and have provided a few examples below.

LinkedIn Update Before Grammarly: Notice the red "3" at the bottom right corner of the text box?

LinkedIn Update After Grammarly: Notice the green "G" at the bottom right corner of the text box?

Tweet Before Grammarly: Notice the little red dot at the bottom right corner of the text box?

Tweet After Grammarly: Notice the green dot at the bottom right corner of the text box?

Modern sellers continuously find ways to improve their sales acumen. In a world where we're striving for more email personalization and more quality content to drive engagement, grammar is important. Download Grammarly, avoid making mistakes and learn how to improve your command of the English language.

P.S. The team at Grammarly also seems to be working on an integration with Google Drive. This will be really helpful for drafting proposals and sales collateral. I'll be sure to update this post once I see the feature released!   

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