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The Easiest Way to Find Email Addresses To Hack Lead Generation

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So you want to get started on Account Based Sales: you’ve built out your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), you’ve identified a list of targets to reach out to, and now you want to get the email addresses of the executive team to begin your outreach. How do you do this without wasting a ton of time (and money)? This post tells exactly which tools you to use to hack lead generation, so that you don’t end up reinventing the wheel.

My Favourite tool: PROSPECT

Prospect is my favourite tool in this space. If you don’t have time to try everything else within this post, then just go to and download it. It’s a simple Chrome Extension that lives seamlessly in your LinkedIn account and also integrates with SalesForce. It’s a B2B Sales person’s dream come true. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the website; the product is pretty powerful and how this product has stayed under the radar so far is a surprise to me.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 - Go to the LinkedIn profile of the individual whose contact information you want.

Step 2 - Click Prospect

Step 3 - It finds the email address and contact information of the individual you want to your database.

Why it’s my one of my favourites:

  • Accuracy - The biggest concern with automation around email addresses is accuracy. After trying a number of tools in this space, I’ve found that Prospect gives me the best results. The majority of the email addresses I get, are actually real and the product works as advertised.
  • Usability - The only thing you need to know how to install a chrome extension to your browser. You don’t need any developers and it integrates with SalesForce with ease.
  • Support - Their support is awesome. I email Prospect with questions or a particularly hard to find contact email, and they typically get back to me within the day if not sooner.  
  • Value - Prospect doesn’t force you to break the bank as you scale. There are lots of tools in this space that charge you per contact sourced, but Prospect doesn’t. So, whether I’m looking to get 50 contacts or 500 contacts, I know that I have a fixed cost of $150 per month associated with it.  

2 Free Sales Automation Tools To Take Advantage of

1. Rapportive - A totally free Gmail plugin that quickly validates whether or not the person you’re emailing is real. It pulls in information like the persons LinkedIn profile, title and company name associated with the email address.

2. Email Hunter - A simple Chrome Extension that allows you to source professional email addresses easily. I find that it does a pretty good job but in finding emails and all you have to do is give it the domain name. There is a free plan that gives you 150 free email addresses per month, which is pretty good value if you’re just getting started.

2 Sales APIs for Email Finding and Lead Enrichment at Scale

1. Clearbit - Clearbit seems to be turning itself into the gold standard for building a scalable in house sales development machine. They have an entire portfolio of prebuilt tools, integrations, and APIs to support lead generation and lead enrichment (including Clearbit Prospector for finding emails). I view Clearbit’s suite of products as the future of modern Sales Automation and Sales Intelligence. Instead of buying a bunch of point solutions to bolt onto your CRM, use Clearbit to truly hack sales and build your own integrated machine around your sales process process. If you have a good understanding of your market and a working sales process, grab a developer and see how you can use their tools to help you scale.

2. Norbert - If all you’re looking for is to find email addresses at scale, Norbert has an API to do just that. That’s the core value prop of the company, and their pricing is also quite reasonable. With a free trial for 50 contacts to get started and $49 / month thereafter, you can source 1000 leads per month, plain and simple.

Over the last couple of years, there’s been an explosion of automation tools in this space, and lots of ways you can find contact information at scale without breaking the bank. As a result, I hope you’ve bought into the idea of using a few of these sales hacks to help your lead generation efforts. I also recognize that this list of tools isn’t exhaustive as there are lots of other tools in the market, but I tried to keep it to the ones I’ve found or heard to be most effective. If you have any recommendations of your own, please let me know. I’d love to hear from you!

Image Credit: Email by Bruno Grin via Flickr

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