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The Revolting Breakup Emails that Your Customers Hate

Written By @RajenSanghvi

· Lead Generation,Email Outreach,SDR

Last week I wrote a post on 4 Reasons to Stop Sending Worthless Cold Emails, and it looks like it struck a chord. I ended up receiving some feedback asking for my thoughts on the "Breakup Email", which has unfortunately become all too common now. In short, I'm really not a fan of it. Even though I've seen the breakup email work, I think it breeds a very shortsighted sales mindset and actually does a disservice to the company in the long term. To help prove the point, I've shared four commonly used breakup emails below that should be deleted from every CRM.

TLDR: Just because breakup emails may work in the short-term, it doesn't make using them an effective sales strategy. Your customers don't like them, they provide zero value and hurt your brand. Please don't be this salesperson!

Image Source: Shooter by Joe_focus via Attribution Engine. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND.

1. Getting to the "NO" Faster

breakup email, getting to the no

As a sales rep, your job is to focus on the leads that have a higher propensity of buying instead of wasting time on unqualified prospects. That means it's often better to get a clear no, instead of waiting for a response or indecision. I get it, I really do. This e-mail however, does a great job of getting you MORE NO's! As a result, not only will you get to the "no" faster, but you'll also end up piling them up like it's going out of style. Stop burning through your leads.

2. "Closing Files" like its 1982

breakup email, closing files

What sales team do you know that 'closes files' every month? I know it's not literal and there's usually an ongoing CRM cleanup exercise every month/quarter. But, isn't it the job of the salesperson to assess the quality of the opportunity and mark it accordingly in the CRM? Don't clutter your prospect's inbox with this type of bs. This whole email lacks sincerity and screams that the sales rep only cares about himself. Good salespeople focus on building trust by providing value.

3. Being So "Funny" it Hurts

breakup email, stupid joke

I'll admit that the first time I saw this email land in my inbox I chuckled, but that was late 2014 and by the way, I still didn't respond. I appreciate sales reps that have a sense of humour, but this email lacks professionalism and creates zero value. Trust me, you're not being funny and while you'll see a lot of email opens, it's because your prospect is forwarding this email for all the wrong reasons. They'll be laughing at you, instead of with you.

4. Using the Pesty One-Liner

breakup email, one-liner

If you're using this quick one-liner, I really hope you're accompanying that with the good ol' wink-and-the-gun. Congratulations, you're officially living up to the sales stereotype that everyone loves to hate on. The annoying-lazy-pest that lacks awareness, provides limited value, doesn't care about his customers, and just wants his deal. If you're going to follow up, have a reason. If you don't have one, get creative and find one. Go do some research, and find some information your prospect will care about. Be persistent and follow up, but always have a reason.

Closing thoughts: I saw this on Twitter...


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